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Preparing for Life on the Road

Preparing for Life on the Road


This website is a work in progress. As I prepare for a life on the road full time, I am coordinating all the things I do.  I’ve been transforming my business from being a doula and doula trainer to being a sharer of light, love, and wisdom.

This is the beginning of what I envision as me sharing what I know about birth, the powerful life force Reiki energy and the amazing benefits of CBD oil.

It’s an an eclectic array of stuff I do. It suits me well. I have never fit in the box and never will. I get to do what I want, sharing about health and well being. Bringing light and love wherever I go.

  • To learn more about me, and my travel adventures, and Reiki please go here.
  • For information about childbirth, classes and the Down the Canal Game, you can go to Birth in the Know.

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