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I am a Spiritual Warrior

I am a Spiritual Warrior

I am a Spiritual Warrior

I am light.
I am love.
I am mother.
I am sister.
I am daughter.
I am wife
I am friend.
I am colleague.
I am teacher.

I know there is a reason for my existence. There is a purpose for my being in this time space reality.  At times, I flounder. I wonder if all that I am being, and all that I am doing matters.

Does anybody really care?
Is anybody listening?
Am I listening?

I always have more questions than answers, and I desire for others to formulate those questions for themselves. Life is about a series of questions, lessons, experiences, interpretations.

Everybody has their own perceptions about life, and the human existence. Much of this has everything to do with who we are intrinsically, and the environment in which we grow. Like a flower that grows in the desert; it is a particular species that can thrive in such a harsh environment. Not every flower can grow there.

We all have the opportunity to grow and develop as human beings, to discover the richness, and the joy of life. Often, it is our own beliefs and thoughts that block us or stop us. It is often the fear of the unknown, or the fear of failure.

Failure is another attempt at succeeding with that very thing you can’t help yourself from. It is feedback that says, try again. There is another way. Don’t stop.

I am a spiritual warrior. I won’t stop sharing what I know, and enlightening others to what is possible when connecting to the universal life force; sometimes known as chi, qi, prana, and Reiki. It is the energy in us, and among us.

It is my mission to unite others through true connection. To discover what we have in common, rather than what is different about us. When you turn us inside out we are all the same.

We humans live under the illusion that we are different and separate. We are taught to be an individual, to shine with an A in school, to be the leader of the team, to beat the opponent, to win the trophy, to win the race, to compete for the job.

What about team work, and collective thinking, and being, and doing? What about collaboration with others? Creating solutions to the challenges we face on this planet of ours. Mother Earth is being destroyed by us.

Is there a chance to save it? Or is it time for this civilization to crumble, and for Mother Earth to rejuvenate herself, and for humans to start again, or for something different to occur?

I will never profess to have the answers to these questions I contemplate. I know only what I know, and I interpret all of it through my lens.

I know that as I have opened to what is possible, and have been on my spiritual journey, my intuition has become stronger. I want everyone to know that they can also sharpen their own intuitive abilities. Many people are born with a heightened intuitive ability. For others, it takes time and practice. We all have this potential.

We have a mind, a body, and a spirit. When they are working harmoniously, miracles never cease, and everything is in alignment. The people, places, and things we need for our life’s journey appear.

All we have to do is watch and listen.

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