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I’m Coming Out

I’m Coming Out

I feel like I am coming out! As I am transforming my life, turning into a minimalist, I am also embracing fully who I am and was always meant to be.  Peeling away the layers and the fear of judgement and rejection. As I let go of material stuff, I am letting go of mental blockers.

I am expressing myself from my inner most core. Coming out as me.  I have often felt like the most radical free thinker on the planet, that nobody could ever understand how my mind works, and truly get me.  I have been challenged with fighting my inner judge and critic, telling myself there are certain parts of me that must remain hidden to most.  People will think I am crazy, certifiable.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately that are on a similar journey, that also know that being the light is the way to eliminate the darkness.

Being truly authentic sounds easy enough. Do what your heart desires. Quiet your mind. Be connected to source energy.  Express yourself from this place. It all takes practice, and awareness, and vibrating on a certain frequency. I’ve been my own self experiment.

Does it matter what anybody else says or thinks? The short answer is no. I’ve spent way too much time on this. It is past time for me to be me. That is what this new website is. Hippy Gypsy Doula is the place for me to share all that I create. All that inspires me, and brings me joy.

Watch for workshops, retreats, small gatherings of doulas and birth workers, and like-minded women on the journey to connect with their inner most core. Of course, I am selling the game I created (more to come), and will continue to share the amazing power of Reiki. And, whatever else I dream up!!

I am light, and love. I want to connect with women around the country who also realize that it is our time.  I want you to connect with you, and shine your light in the world.

Being the light, and guiding others to their light, while traveling this great country of ours is my dream life. It feels amazing when I visualize it, and think about all the places to see and people to meet.

There is such freedom in living an authentic life, the one you are meant for, that makes your heart sing, and puts a smile on your face.   Even if you feel you are far from it, visualize it, talk about it as if it were happening, and see how you feel.

Next time you have a question or challenge, and an urge to reach out to Google, or sign-up for that class that gives you all your answers, take a journey within instead. Listen, and wait patiently for the answer. The signs are always there, and it is up to you to be tuned in to receive the answers.



2 Replies to “I’m Coming Out”

  1. Thank you Betsy!! I just went to Hippy Gypsy Doula for the first time, and I love it! I love this post, and it makes me feel more grounded in my decision to start a traditional midwifery school program at 54! I also want to read more, especially your blogs, as I am trying to learn to express myself in a more proficient manner. I feel like my brain is kind of getting “old”, and I want to make it come more alive!! Thank you again 🙂 Much love, Marti

    1. Thank you Marti!! Your comment means a lot to me. It is a whole new adventure when you start letting go, not only of the physical stuff, but some of the mental baggage that accumulates. Much peace, love and light to you with your midwifery. We sure need more passionate, dedicated midwives.

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