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The Bumblebee Rides Again

The Bumblebee Rides Again

It has been a year since our last trip in the faithful bumblebee. This 1969 camper has been across country twice and to the northeast twice. It is time again for a northeast tour. This is a practice run for what it will be like living on the road. The only difference is we will definitely have a bigger camper!!

The bumblebee is only 17 feet long and has a narrow hall about two feet wide. Moses, my dog, gets the bed in the middle that serves as a table when he is not with us. Very cramped, and fun for short excursions.

Seriously, can you imagine being in this full time with your spouse or partner, and a 72 pound dog?

This is the itinerary we have going on this time around, with much time for unknown adventures!!!

May 4 – 5 Chapel Hill, NC for Birth Power

I am teaming up with Jewelz, an amazing transformational coach. You can learn about her here, and see more details about what we are up to.

And, I am going to go live on May 4 with Pam Diamond of First Daze and Nightzzz. Pam was my very first doula client, who started her own postpartum doula service years later.  We will share our story of connection.

May 6 – 11 Washington D.C. and Virginia area

I will be at the March for Moms on May 6, to be with other like-minded maternal health advocates, to be heard and seen. We are speaking up about the state of maternity care, and our treatment of MotherBaby, and families during the birth cycle and parenting.

May 7 – Happy hour with Doulas of Capitol Hill. An informal meet and greet. We can share what we are doing and why. Of course, I want to share about Down the Canal and my vision for this game.

Visiting friends and colleagues until the next stop.

May 11 to May 21 – NYC and surrounding area

Two events I am excited to be doing.

May 17 – Game Day with NYC Doula Collective members.  An informal get together.

May 19 – The Forgotten Fourth Trimester

Then, of course, fun with friends and NYC adventures. Maybe a trip upstate to visit people I know. Never ending possibility.

May 21 – 29 – Massachusetts and New Hampshire here I come!!

This part of the journey is about visiting family and friends. So many to see. Childhood friends from when I first started to talk, my brother, and a college friend. Hopefully my first mentor/boss, Joan Singer of MotherCare Services. When I started my doula journey Joan was my guide, and we are still connected!!

May 29 – June 4ish Staten Island, NY

My husband’s 50th high school reunion is June 2nd on Staten Island. The craziest thing about this adventure is that he has never been to one reunion!!  This should be very interesting, and fun.  We get to be home before June 10th for my son and his girl’s baby shower.

Wow!!  Seems like a lot going on once I write it all out. Traveling is the best. I feel so alive, and free on the road. I highly recommend it. If you say I don’t have the time or the money you probably never will. No need to wait, just go for it.



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