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From the Farm to the City: Camping on the Road

From the Farm to the City: Camping on the Road

Farm camping

As I type these words I am looking at nothing but green, tall trees.  Camping in the woods. The campfire is smoldering from this morning. I think how it took me so long to get the fire going. What did the ancients do? It was a full time gig tending  to the fire.  I recall writing about how I appreciate my husband Steve, even more. He is a boy scout. He takes care of a lot of things while we are on the road. I get to focus on my work, my mission, and Steve is super supportive of all of it.

Dancing Fire

We are a team and it works. Speaking of team, last night we had a couple of people over for dinner. We met in the Gratitude Training. Though our two guests had never met. That was great. I love connecting people. It is something I do and have always done.

I hear a plane above. It must be going into Dulles. We are not too far from there, in Haymarket, VA. This Greenvale Farm is beautiful. There are hardly any people around. We have a beautiful campsite in the back among nature. We saw a red fox the other day. The birds are constant. I feel at home.

It is so great to take a break from the day to day hustle and bustle.

Fast forward a couple of days. I am now in NYC at Floyd Bennet Park in Brooklyn. We are running on generator and parked in a huge parking lot overlooking Jamaica Bay. A stark difference from the Virginia woods.  This leg of the journey is also visiting with friends. And, I get to teach next weekend, and meet some doulas here.

The unknown adventures await. Staying present and enjoying the moments. The weather is rainy and damp, but it doesn’t affect my spirits.  Always so much to be grateful for.  I get to type this post sitting in my little home away from home. It is familiar and cozy. I want for nothing.  I watch Steve organize whatever I have messed up.  Team work always.

Moses eats his breakfast, as I hear the hum of the generator instead of the chirping of birds. Time for me to venture out and take him for a walk.

Life on the road…. Expect the unexpected.

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