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Camping Life: Country, City, and Wherever We Park Our Home

Camping Life: Country, City, and Wherever We Park Our Home

Camping in the neighborhood. As I type this post I am sitting in the Bumblebee, Steve and Moses take turns snoring. It isn’t quite 6:30a.m. I wouldn’t know that I am parked in the street at my friend MaryEllen’s house in Nashua. A quiet neighborhood, a few sounds of traffic.

It is amazing how I can be inside my own home anywhere in the USA! This is what I love about bringing my house with me everywhere.

I think about the drive North yesterday to Bristol NH. Only about an hour from Nashua, yet another world. Higher elevation, less population.  If I blinked as we drove by I would have missed it!!

One thing I miss about being in the woods is waking up and lighting the fire. I prefer this type of camping, and I can deal with the city camping for a short time.

I missed a couple of days with connection to the internet, and am now back. We are on Staten Island parked in a driveway. A class mate of Steve who organized his high school reunion. People are very generous. All we need is a water and electric hook-up for a few days.  It isn’t ideal camping, but we are saving hundreds of dollars.

But oops…. this driveway was so tight with the fire hydrant close…. and yes, the truck got scratched and the camper got a ding too!!  Thank God we were able to let it go, not dwell, and move on. This is called a bump in the road, and there will be many more. It is all a matter of perspective, and how you choose to respond. I have learned to place energy on what I want more of. It does take practice.

Being open to possibility helps. Being present, and knowing that no matter what I can enjoy what I have, and especially not sweating the small stuff. After all stuff is stuff. Anything that can be replaced with money isn’t worth getting into a tizzy about.

The fun and adventure continues. Today maybe check out Fort Wadsworth, and then there is the haunted mansion, the dog park, and maybe a swim at the YMCA. It totally pays to have a membership you can take anywhere in the country. Sanity helps when you are traveling around in unfamiliar territory.

I am ready for anything!!!


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