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Camping Life: Country, City, and Wherever We Park Our Home

Camping Life: Country, City, and Wherever We Park Our Home

Camping in the neighborhood. As I type this post I am sitting in the Bumblebee, Steve and Moses take turns snoring. It isn’t quite 6:30a.m. I wouldn’t know that I am parked in the street at my friend MaryEllen’s house in Nashua. A quiet neighborhood, a few sounds of traffic.

It is amazing how I can be inside my own home anywhere in the USA! This is what I love about bringing my house with me everywhere.

I think about the drive North yesterday to Bristol NH. Only about an hour from Nashua, yet another world. Higher elevation, less population.  If I blinked as we drove by I would have missed it!!

One thing I miss about being in the woods is waking up and lighting the fire. I prefer this type of camping, and I can deal with the city camping for a short time.

I missed a couple of days with connection to the internet, and am now back. We are on Staten Island parked in a driveway. A class mate of Steve who organized his high school reunion. People are very generous. All we need is a water and electric hook-up for a few days.  It isn’t ideal camping, but we are saving hundreds of dollars.

But oops…. this driveway was so tight with the fire hydrant close…. and yes, the truck got scratched and the camper got a ding too!!  Thank God we were able to let it go, not dwell, and move on. This is called a bump in the road, and there will be many more. It is all a matter of perspective, and how you choose to respond. I have learned to place energy on what I want more of. It does take practice.

Being open to possibility helps. Being present, and knowing that no matter what I can enjoy what I have, and especially not sweating the small stuff. After all stuff is stuff. Anything that can be replaced with money isn’t worth getting into a tizzy about.

The fun and adventure continues. Today maybe check out Fort Wadsworth, and then there is the haunted mansion, the dog park, and maybe a swim at the YMCA. It totally pays to have a membership you can take anywhere in the country. Sanity helps when you are traveling around in unfamiliar territory.

I am ready for anything!!!


From the Farm to the City: Camping on the Road

From the Farm to the City: Camping on the Road

Farm camping

As I type these words I am looking at nothing but green, tall trees.  Camping in the woods. The campfire is smoldering from this morning. I think how it took me so long to get the fire going. What did the ancients do? It was a full time gig tending  to the fire.  I recall writing about how I appreciate my husband Steve, even more. He is a boy scout. He takes care of a lot of things while we are on the road. I get to focus on my work, my mission, and Steve is super supportive of all of it.

Dancing Fire

We are a team and it works. Speaking of team, last night we had a couple of people over for dinner. We met in the Gratitude Training. Though our two guests had never met. That was great. I love connecting people. It is something I do and have always done.

I hear a plane above. It must be going into Dulles. We are not too far from there, in Haymarket, VA. This Greenvale Farm is beautiful. There are hardly any people around. We have a beautiful campsite in the back among nature. We saw a red fox the other day. The birds are constant. I feel at home.

It is so great to take a break from the day to day hustle and bustle.

Fast forward a couple of days. I am now in NYC at Floyd Bennet Park in Brooklyn. We are running on generator and parked in a huge parking lot overlooking Jamaica Bay. A stark difference from the Virginia woods.  This leg of the journey is also visiting with friends. And, I get to teach next weekend, and meet some doulas here.

The unknown adventures await. Staying present and enjoying the moments. The weather is rainy and damp, but it doesn’t affect my spirits.  Always so much to be grateful for.  I get to type this post sitting in my little home away from home. It is familiar and cozy. I want for nothing.  I watch Steve organize whatever I have messed up.  Team work always.

Moses eats his breakfast, as I hear the hum of the generator instead of the chirping of birds. Time for me to venture out and take him for a walk.

Life on the road…. Expect the unexpected.

The Bumblebee Rides Again

The Bumblebee Rides Again

It has been a year since our last trip in the faithful bumblebee. This 1969 camper has been across country twice and to the northeast twice. It is time again for a northeast tour. This is a practice run for what it will be like living on the road. The only difference is we will definitely have a bigger camper!!

The bumblebee is only 17 feet long and has a narrow hall about two feet wide. Moses, my dog, gets the bed in the middle that serves as a table when he is not with us. Very cramped, and fun for short excursions.

Seriously, can you imagine being in this full time with your spouse or partner, and a 72 pound dog?

This is the itinerary we have going on this time around, with much time for unknown adventures!!!

May 4 – 5 Chapel Hill, NC for Birth Power

I am teaming up with Jewelz, an amazing transformational coach. You can learn about her here, and see more details about what we are up to.

And, I am going to go live on May 4 with Pam Diamond of First Daze and Nightzzz. Pam was my very first doula client, who started her own postpartum doula service years later.  We will share our story of connection.

May 6 – 11 Washington D.C. and Virginia area

I will be at the March for Moms on May 6, to be with other like-minded maternal health advocates, to be heard and seen. We are speaking up about the state of maternity care, and our treatment of MotherBaby, and families during the birth cycle and parenting.

May 7 – Happy hour with Doulas of Capitol Hill. An informal meet and greet. We can share what we are doing and why. Of course, I want to share about Down the Canal and my vision for this game.

Visiting friends and colleagues until the next stop.

May 11 to May 21 – NYC and surrounding area

Two events I am excited to be doing.

May 17 – Game Day with NYC Doula Collective members.  An informal get together.

May 19 – The Forgotten Fourth Trimester

Then, of course, fun with friends and NYC adventures. Maybe a trip upstate to visit people I know. Never ending possibility.

May 21 – 29 – Massachusetts and New Hampshire here I come!!

This part of the journey is about visiting family and friends. So many to see. Childhood friends from when I first started to talk, my brother, and a college friend. Hopefully my first mentor/boss, Joan Singer of MotherCare Services. When I started my doula journey Joan was my guide, and we are still connected!!

May 29 – June 4ish Staten Island, NY

My husband’s 50th high school reunion is June 2nd on Staten Island. The craziest thing about this adventure is that he has never been to one reunion!!  This should be very interesting, and fun.  We get to be home before June 10th for my son and his girl’s baby shower.

Wow!!  Seems like a lot going on once I write it all out. Traveling is the best. I feel so alive, and free on the road. I highly recommend it. If you say I don’t have the time or the money you probably never will. No need to wait, just go for it.



I’m Coming Out

I’m Coming Out

I feel like I am coming out! As I am transforming my life, turning into a minimalist, I am also embracing fully who I am and was always meant to be.  Peeling away the layers and the fear of judgement and rejection. As I let go of material stuff, I am letting go of mental blockers.

I am expressing myself from my inner most core. Coming out as me.  I have often felt like the most radical free thinker on the planet, that nobody could ever understand how my mind works, and truly get me.  I have been challenged with fighting my inner judge and critic, telling myself there are certain parts of me that must remain hidden to most.  People will think I am crazy, certifiable.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately that are on a similar journey, that also know that being the light is the way to eliminate the darkness.

Being truly authentic sounds easy enough. Do what your heart desires. Quiet your mind. Be connected to source energy.  Express yourself from this place. It all takes practice, and awareness, and vibrating on a certain frequency. I’ve been my own self experiment.

Does it matter what anybody else says or thinks? The short answer is no. I’ve spent way too much time on this. It is past time for me to be me. That is what this new website is. Hippy Gypsy Doula is the place for me to share all that I create. All that inspires me, and brings me joy.

Watch for workshops, retreats, small gatherings of doulas and birth workers, and like-minded women on the journey to connect with their inner most core. Of course, I am selling the game I created (more to come), and will continue to share the amazing power of Reiki. And, whatever else I dream up!!

I am light, and love. I want to connect with women around the country who also realize that it is our time.  I want you to connect with you, and shine your light in the world.

Being the light, and guiding others to their light, while traveling this great country of ours is my dream life. It feels amazing when I visualize it, and think about all the places to see and people to meet.

There is such freedom in living an authentic life, the one you are meant for, that makes your heart sing, and puts a smile on your face.   Even if you feel you are far from it, visualize it, talk about it as if it were happening, and see how you feel.

Next time you have a question or challenge, and an urge to reach out to Google, or sign-up for that class that gives you all your answers, take a journey within instead. Listen, and wait patiently for the answer. The signs are always there, and it is up to you to be tuned in to receive the answers.



I am a Spiritual Warrior

I am a Spiritual Warrior

I am a Spiritual Warrior

I am light.
I am love.
I am mother.
I am sister.
I am daughter.
I am wife
I am friend.
I am colleague.
I am teacher.

I know there is a reason for my existence. There is a purpose for my being in this time space reality.  At times, I flounder. I wonder if all that I am being, and all that I am doing matters.

Does anybody really care?
Is anybody listening?
Am I listening?

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Preparing for Life on the Road

Preparing for Life on the Road


This website is a work in progress. As I prepare for a life on the road full time, I am coordinating all the things I do.  I’ve been transforming my business from being a doula and doula trainer to being a sharer of light, love, and wisdom.

This is the beginning of what I envision as me sharing what I know about birth, the powerful life force Reiki energy and the amazing benefits of CBD oil.

It’s an an eclectic array of stuff I do. It suits me well. I have never fit in the box and never will. I get to do what I want, sharing about health and well being. Bringing light and love wherever I go.

  • To learn more about me, and my travel adventures, and Reiki please go here.
  • For information about childbirth, classes and the Down the Canal Game, you can go to Birth in the Know.